Last week company founder’s Corey and Danielle were in Germany attending and speaking at two conferences. Both conferences were very unique experiences and focused on different elements of the Clandestine game project.

Details on this and other recent news below.


The first was Metaio’s InsideAR at Olympic Park in Munich. ZenFri was fortunate to win the “GameAR” Best Augmented Reality Game Grand Prize. As part of the award we had a booth to showcase our game, and a speaking platform. The booth attracted steady interest throughout the day, and we met a lot of exciting developers.

Corey’s talk, delivered to one of the biggest crowds we’ve ever been in front of, gave an overview of the ideas and technology behind Clandestine.

InsideAR had grown substantially since last year, becoming the world’s largest Augmented Reality trade show with over 800 people in attendance. We feel very fortunate to have so much support from the great people at Metaio and hope to keep producing great stuff with their technology.


The morning after our InsideAR talk, we were at the Frankfurt StoryDrive Conference, which is part of

the world’s largest book fair. StoryDrive itself is one of the only elements at the fair not focused specifically on books and print media.

StoryDrive 2013, with its focus of merging storytelling with real life, was set-up quite a bit differently than any other talk we’ve been a part of, as each speaker remained on stage for the entire day, allowing ongoing discussion and interactions with the crowd. It was an interesting experiment that fit the more intimate venue and generated a lot of engagement among speakers and the audience.

Corey’s talk laid out the conventions, challenges and lessons involved in telling an Emergent Reality story, using Clandestine as a case study. The conference featured many industry veterans and heavy hitters, which we were fortunate enough to have shared the stage with.

StoryDrive did a lot of things in a new or excitingly unique way. One of the nice touches was how they placed quotes from the speaker on windows facing the main fairground. If you look left of the StoryDrive Entrance, you’ll see my quote.

Press from the Events

Across the two conferences we continued to attract media attention, with coverage from technology, gaming, social, traditional and literary news sites.

A quick Google search netting us the following coverage: Gizmodo, Frankfurt Journal,  Games Industry DeutschlandCarta a blog focused on digital public policy and economics, Frank-Michael Press, Transmedia Storytelling BerlinAugmented Blog, Publishing PerspectiveBoersenblat the official blog of the Frankfurt Bookfair and from whose interveiw is embedded below.

We had a few more interviews that we expect to be posted in the coming weeks.

Update: Here are a few more bits of coverage from our adventures in Germany:  Intel’s IQ BlogGames Daily, The Bookshed, Frankfurt Show Daily, Branded Entertainment Online, Buchmesse Blog.

Local Coverage and Events

Aside from our whirlwind trip to Germany, we’ve received some coverage in Red River College’s newspaper The Projector and participated in last nights IGDA “Game Development in Winnipeg – The Next Five Years“.

Our own Corey King, planned and hosted the IGDA event. It attracted a strong attendance and featured talks about a range of topics.

Speakers and talks included: Kevin Hnatiuk the Executive Director of NMM who presented his vision for shared work spaces in Winnipeg, Noah Decter-Jackson the CEO of Complex Games who examined our community’s recent successes in the context of the last 10 years of struggles and tough lessons, Avery Jodoin the Acting Director of IEM discussed gamifying and creating convergence across local industry sectors, Devin Reimer the CTO of Owlchemy Labs theorized on predicting future platform trends, Corey’s talk explored using and developing industry culture to strengthen the community, attract talent and investment while Tom Lepp an Instructor at RRC gave sage advice to young students through telling war stories about the local industry.