Clandestine: Anomaly incorporates many exciting and emerging technologies, but tech alone does not create an exciting gaming experience. You need an engaging storyline and ruthless tactical gameplay. We at ZenFri are creating an immersive synthesis between our intriguing strategic handheld title, and the real world at large. We call Clandestine: Anomaly an Augmented Reality “Tower Tactics” game, and we’re really excited about it.

So, what exactly is Tower Tactics?

Tower Tactics is a style of gameplay that draws influence from the best Tower Defence titles, but with a splash of the RTS genre. Rather than forcing the player to hunker down to defend static positions from endless drones, Tower Tactics players actively bring the fight to the enemy by seeking and destroying the enemy spawn points.

You begin the game in Operations – an overview of your campaign where you can select a mission and dive in. Each mission begins in Tactical where you are presented with a main structure or home-base called a Generator Pulsar that must be protected all costs. This single Generator lifts the fog of war, and supplies all subsequent Pulsars with the power required to support the construction and operation of Arrays, C:A’s take on towers.

The objective of each mission is to reveal the enemy path through the careful deployment of Pulsars, defend them with Arrays, and ultimately find and eliminate the enemy Portal, before they destroy your home-base.

GaneratorPulsar2Every mission begins by constructing various types of Arrays around your Generator Pulsar. These units will allow you to combat, defend, and ward against the enemy Leecher swarms. As you eliminate this mysterious space-time altering virus, their Auric energy is harvested to allow further construction of Pulsars, and Arrays. But, all power has it’s limits, and the Generator’s are no different. Furthering the strategic elements of Clandestine: Anomaly, the amount of Pulsars and Arrays are limited by the amount of power available from the Generator.Pulsar2

Should you fail to protect a Pulsar within your supply line, all subsequent Pulsars and Arrays lose their power and become disabled in a chain reaction. Once power to the disabled Pulsar has been restored, the tactical functions of the supply chain resume.

As you defend and expand your supply chain, the fog becomes lifted… It will be up to you to step up, actively engage the swarm and track their paths back to their spawn, or lose. This is a war of attrition, and the Leechers are too well-armed.

Good luck,