“Take the battle into your own hands, with Warpaint – Print Edition”

Warpaint – Issue 1 Print Edition is on sale now in Black & White at Lulu.com and in Colour on CreateSpace. It will also be appearing on Amazon stores within the next few days. But, if digital copies are more your speed, you can purchase your copy on Kindle and direct from us at ZenFri.com (in .mobi, .epub, and .pdf formats).

From the press release:

ZenFri Inc. is thrilled to announce the release of Warpaint, an anthology of bold, provocative, and unusual short fiction and visual works. The 162 page anthology features works by over a dozen international and Canadian visual artists and writers, and is projected to become a bi-annual publication.

Warpaint establishes a vibrant space for transgressive and outsider art, waging war against the commonplace, and celebrating and inviting polemical themes. Its confrontations are inspired not simply by irreverence for the established, but a philosophy that sees experimentation and dissent as the spurs of ingenuity. That’s why in Warpaint nothing is treated as sacred.

Warpaint is rare among literary publications in its policy of sharing all sales revenues equally among its contributors. It’s also 100% artist run and funded. The first issue is available in black and white (on Lulu), colour (on CreateSpace / Amazon), and digitally (on Kindle).

Hope you enjoy!