If you live in Winnipeg and have an appetite for bold, unusual and provocative works then you’ll be thrilled to learn that you can now pickup a copy of Warpaint – Issue 1 from Canada’s largest independent bookseller McNally Robinson

We dropped by the Winnipeg store at Grant Park Shopping Centre and snapped a picture of Warpaint sitting proudly in the anthologies section of the store.

McNally Robinson is carrying the black & white version of the anthology for only $16.99 CND.


Courtesy of McNally Robinson

Warpaint is unique among anthologies because the revenue from each sale of the book is divided equally among each contributor. So go support local, national and international written and visual works by purchasing a copy of Warpaint.

Not in Winnipeg?

You can as always purchase print (Lulu/Amazon/Direct) and digital (Kindle/Direct) versions.