Hey Everyone!

This iOS update focuses primarily on UI tweaks. If you’re on Android, you should already be playing this version! We’ve worked hard to polish up the menus to bring you a more streamlined presentation. Seriously, check out the new loading screens. We’ve been obsessing over them in our studio, and I think they look pretty nice. Additionally we’ve implemented various colour tweaks to better suit the needs of colour blind players.

We took care of the nasty Leechers in the system that was causing some users cameras to go black upon their initial start up. If your device is blocking Clandestine: Anomaly’s access to the camera you’ll be greeted by a nice pop up informing you to enable it!

Clandestine: Anomaly is returning to China and Thailand. We have resolved the issue where the game could not properly connect to the internet on some south-east Asian connections.

Aside from that the programmers have implemented various small bug fixes!



Old UI


New UI









• improved user interface
• several visual tweaks for color blind players
• fixed “black screen” hardware camera bug
• several small bug fixes

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