Over the last 7 days, our Chief Executive, Corey King, has had the opportunity to engage with the local community through a guest lecture spot at the University of Manitoba’s computer science course “Human Computer Interaction 1” and at New Media Manitoba/IGDA‘s GDC Next Event.

Human Computer Interaction

As a guest lecturer, Corey went over the challenges and design choices we’ve made in dealing with augmented reality interfaces and design in Clandestine: Anomaly.  The class was very engaged, asking questions about the project and our company well after class ended.

We were humbled and surprised that our artist-driven company was asked to give a lecture to a room full of aspiring scientists.

New Media Manitoba Event

Upon their return from GDC Next, New Media Manitoba’s Executive Director, Kevin Hnatiuk, thought it would be valuable to share the most interesting things he saw with the rest of the community. Partnering with IGDA Winnipeg, the event featured interviews from GDC Next and the App Developers Conference and related talks by some of the local industry’s best.

All in all, is was a great event that shed some light on emerging trends and technologies, almost providing a mini GDC Next here in Manitoba. We will post the video elements of the talk if they become available.

Owlchemy Labs CTO Devin Reimer spoke on how indie platforms are bringing back couch gaming.

Complex Games CEO, Noah Decter-Jackson, helped us learn the tools of the trade that allowed him build a 40 person company with his Business Development talk.

Our own Corey King, discussed his vision for an Augmented Reality, Wearable, Projection technology-focused future. Hoping to inspire developers to see the transformative landscape these technologies may usher in by sharing his vision for how it will change the way we interact, and perceive ourselves and reality.

Update: The complete list of videos created by NMM from their trip to ADC and GDC (some of which were screened at the local event) are available here. With a few samples posted below:

Code Monkeys

Chris Skaggs of Code Monkeys discusses creating new user experiences in a hands free world with NMM’s Kevin Hnatiuk.

Loot Entertainment

Lindsey Schaal, Community Coordinator of LOOT Entertainment, discusses the rise/return of co-op couch gaming and developing for a large game studio or going indie.

Throw Trucks

Lat Ware of Crooked Tree Studios demos his upcoming mind-controlled game to Kevin Hnatiuk, and shares his unconventional guerilla marketing techniques and approach to Biz Dev.