In last week’s update we dived into some of the systems in The Last Taxi, including fatigue, road way obstacles, a flakey radio and a glitchy GPS. If you missed that post, it’s recommended you check it out before diving into part 2.

A Junker among Junkers

Sure, you spent your savings and went into debt buying this cab, but it was being sold at fire sale prices. Or so you tell yourself…

Junk Cab

This week we’re moving through even more systems and mechanics you’ll deal with while working long nights on the streets of the Neon City.

Good luck with the Climate Control

Like anything more advanced than a steering wheel in the Last Taxi, your AC is less a climate control system and more of a “cold on/ cold off” system. To keep the cab at the perfect temperature and gain tip bonuses you have to monitor the temperature closely to keep it comfortably in the goldilocks zone.

Far from allowing you to turn the dial to a nice temperature and forget it, your Cab’s AC system has two settings “Blast the AC” and “No AC”.

Blasting the AC for too long will freeze you and the passenger:

Blast the AC

Leaving the AC off for too long will turn the Taxi into a sauna rivalling a sweat box:

Sauna Cab

Keep a close watch on the temperature to gain the maximum tip bonuses.

Flying Cars are more than a Minor Annoyance

Like living out of an abandoned shed in a neighbourhood full of mansions, just the knowledge that you’re one of the last wheeled vehicles on the road can be maddening. Looking over head as you’re racing for a drop-off, you’ll notice the city above filled with flying vehicles traveling faster than your rust bucket ever could.

But these flying vehicles are more than a psychological annoyance. As if trying to make sure you don’t forget the pecking ordering of the Neon City, from time to time these amazing futuristic vehicles will release their oil valve right overhead leaving an  unsightly mess that blocks your vision.

Crying over spilt oil

To stay on track and maintain focus, you’ll need to quickly hammer the wipers and clear your vision.

Sometimes You Just Gotta Go Fast

Early into the game you’ll unlock a limited number of boosts. These boosts do exactly what you’d imagine they do, they hurl your cab forward at a massively accelerated pace.


But be careful, boosts make you more liking to get into an accident, and also make it more likely you’ll miss a turn if you’re not hot on the steering wheel.


The Cost of Impaired Driving

Whether being too tired, jamming the boost at an inopportune time, or being unable to see due to an oil slick on the windshield, accidents can happen!


The damage done from these accidents vary from minor fender benders to part replacements, but either way, getting into accidents will cost you. So stay alert out there.


Updated Systems

Before we close out today’s update, we wanted to show you a system that we’ve significantly updated. We’re excited to reveal that now your GPS is crappier than ever!

Glitches GPS

Now when your GPS goes haywire it becomes completely useless. Good luck finding the best route without it.

This system had been tweaked so that you need not just slam it mindlessly to get it working properly, you must follow the onscreen counter to hit it the right amount of times to bring to back to proper operation.


Last Taxi Interview

This week the Last Taxi creative director Corey King appeared on the Twitch gaming podcast Level 1 Scrubs, to talk about the Last Taxi and Clandestine: Anomaly.

The interview starts at about the 30 minute mark. If you’re interested in learning more about the process of making the game you should check it out.


Next Update Gets Personal

Our next update will dive more deeply into family “quest” conversations, and how keeping your family happy, while staying out of the financial red is one of the central challenges of the game.

If only those Automatons understood…but last we checked they didn’t have to worry about a family.

Until next time, Resist Obsolesce!