Clandestine: Anomaly is an action-packed sci-fi “Tower Tactics” game for your mobile device that takes place in a real world location of your choice. From your neighbourhood, to work or school — once the battlefield has been laid down, the area will become consumed by a strange space-time distorting virus known by as Leechers. You were in the right place at the wrong time, and due to circumstance, you’re the only human that can stop the extra dimensional threat.

Clandestine: Anomaly begins with you the player determining your real world play space. This is narratively framed as guiding the ECOS, an alien space ship, as it crash lands. You will flag your position to ensure that the ECOS does not turn you into collateral damage. This position will be used throughout the story and will act as your home base. We suggest flagging your home, work, school, or any other neighbourhood that you frequent.

Once you have set your location and the 2km² play-space around you, the epic adventure begins. By utilizing the built-in power of your smartphone’s GPS, the campaign’s operations are procedurally generated around you.

Before you can take back your neighbourhood, you are brought to Operations – an overview of your campaign where you can select a mission and dive in. From this mode you can observe the areas of conflict within your neighbourhood on the 2km² map. If you wish to take the fight up close and personal, observe your surroundings, select a mission, and begin your real world trek to the battlefield.

However, with Clandestine, there is no need to put on your hiking boots, or grab your walking stick because nothing is ever far from home base. If you’re as mobile as your phone, you can take the fight to the enemy using the Augmented Reality powered Recon Mode

If you’re unable to walk, or just plain tired, we’ve got you covered. There is no obligation of a Clandestine: Anomaly player to take to the streets, forests, deserts, or what ever unique landscape in which they live, instead we focus on incentivizing it. Should you wish, all of C:A’s missions can be completed through Tower Tactics gameplay from where ever you’re are. You are the commander controlling his or her forces even if that means being far from battle in a remote bunker.

If you’re the kind of commander who likes to take the fight up close and personal, and is ready to head down to the front-lines, Recon is for you. Should you be within visual range of the battle, this AR powered mode allows your to see the battle from your own first-person perspective. Everything you can see on your map in Tactical View can be experienced as if it is really in front of you in Recon. Hold your phone up and look through your new lens in order to uncover the hidden conflict around you.

Once unlocked, Recon provides you with a host of airstrike abilities designed to turn the tide of battle, and make the trip more than worth your time These high powered airstrikes are not only the most powerful and devastating weapons in the game, but also come with a healthy boost of the game’s upgrade resource, Nanos. Recon is powerful, destructive and rewarding, and we think it’s well worth the walk.

Clandestine: Anomaly is a “play anywhere you want” Tower Tactics game, and an up-close and personal location based Augmented Reality shooter. We are really excited to bring this unique blend of gameplay styles to your mobile device.

So lace up your shoes, get outside, and play some video games!

Good Luck,