Twice a week Corey mentors Tyrell, a grade 12 student from the Seven Oaks School Division MET school, on Game Design, writing, management and random philosophical musings.

As a student at the only MET school in Canada, Tyrell gets on-the-job experience as part of his high school education curriculum. Though unlike what most of our first jobs were like, he and his teacher seek out companies that align with his interests. Tyrell could literally go anywhere and he, with the support of his parents chose our offices at ZenFri.

This on-the-job experience is central to the MET school philosophy, guiding students towards self-directed learning. If Tyrell is any indication, this approach breeds highly motivated and passionate students. For example, prior to coming to ZenFri Tyrell had already been signed to a rap label as part of an earlier placement!

In keeping with the spirit of the MET philosophy, Corey has taken an open and equal approach to the mentorship, allowing Tyrell to give his feedback on Clandestine and its story, while Corey gives feedback on Tyrell’s writing and game creation projects, allowing both of them to impact each other’s work.

In part due to Corey’s open and equal approach, he was the only mentor to give a talk to parents at the school, giving them details about how the mentorship program works and his experiences.

“I’m humbled and honoured that the Seven Oaks School Division MET school entrusted me to take part in Tyrell’s education,” Corey says. “When I was his age I was a terrible student, and would never have thought any school would look to me participate in a program like this. Though honestly, I think had I been in a program like this, I’d have been a less terrible student. I just hope Tyrell learns as much from me as I do from him.”

To learn more about the school check out their website: Winnipeg Met School.