This is year two of ZenFri’s involvement with the Tiger’s Den Entrepreneurship Conference. The conference, which took place at the Louis Riel School Division’s main office is about trying to teach students about entrepreneurship at a rapid fire pace.

In a single day, teams of students had to come up with an innovative idea, vet and refine it, solidify a marketing plan and try to “bring it to market” by pitching their ideas to a panel of Dragon’s Den-like judges.

While developing their idea, the students were able to talk with business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs from Winnipeg who took on the role of consultants.

Corey was on hand as a both a consultant and a judge, working to push students to find the right idea, assess the risks, and use creative thinking to overcome challenges.

“I’m always excited to work with young talent,” Corey explains. “It really is a pleasure to watch unbounded creativity play out, and to try and help focus that creativity in a meaningful way. Tiger’s Den does a great job of that by connecting industry professionals to young minds at the stage in their life when they can really can be inspired to think bigger about their future. I learned this year they’ve been doing this for 15 years. What surprises me is that in 15 years more schools haven’t followed suit. It really is a great learning experience from both sides of den.”