As we first noted last week, the release of Pokémon Go has brought renewed attention to Clandestine: Anomaly. Since last week’s post we’ve received even more coverage both locally and internationally, including a radio interview, tv coverage, podcast appearances and articles from the likes of Yahoo, MSN, IGN, AppSpy, CNET, Wired and Apple Gazette.

Updated August 2nd 2016 and August 18 2016 – More Coverage Sources Added

pokemon go spreading clandestine anomaly

A list of select coverage since last week’s roundup is listed below:


  • CJOB 680 – (Radio / Web) “Pokemon GO has swept the world, but a Winnipeg augmented reality guru has a game with 10x the story… and a window into the incredible business potential for AR” via the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce’s Bold Radio Hour.



Excerpts from articles not originally published in English are translated here via Google Translate.

  • Wired – Germany “Wired presents the 6 best alternatives for Pokémon hunting!…[In Clandestine Anomaly] the gameplay is strong on the Tower Defense and augmented reality shooter.
  • Apple Gazette – USA “Here are a few of the best AR games that aren’t Pokemon Go…Clandestine: Anomaly is a game where you’re pitched in the middle of an intergalactic battle and you have to shoot down the aliens and fight in AR. The game gives constant updates and is without a doubt one of the better games on this list.”
  • CNET – USA, Clandestine Anomaly listed among “5 Pokemon Go alternatives…So if you’ve ready to face a fiercer challenge, here are five augmented-reality games to put you in the apocalyptic battle of your life.”
  • MSN – USA “This might shock you, but… Pokemon Go isn’t the only augmented-reality app out there. Gasp!”
  • AppSpy – United Kingdom “Of course, some Pokemon GO players couldn’t give two hoots about the exercise and real world exploration elements. They just want to battle monsters and perfect their pokeball flicks. If that’s you, check out Clandestine: Anomaly.”
  • NBC “What The Tech” – USA, evening news video about Augmented Reality games similar to Pokemon Go “[Clandestine: Anomaly’s] graphics are realistic by combining virtual animations with the real world.
  • Phone Arena – USA, did a second piece of coverage, this one showcasing Clandestine Anomaly in video titled, “4 augmented reality games to play instead of Pokemon Go“.

  • Bangkok Post – Thailand “People who prefer their games with a little more meat can check out Clandestine: Anomaly.
  • – “Clandestine Anomaly is the ideal game for you if you’d rather hunt down mean aliens instead of cute monsters, An engaging single-player mode will also keep less sociable players entertained on their own terms. A must-try for those searching for more GPS / augmented reality games like Pokemon GO!”
  • Yahoo News – North America “Clandestine Anomaly is already considered one of the top AR games to try when players tire of Pokemon”
  • International Business Times – India, Clandestine Anomaly named one of  “Best AR-based games that can fill the void,” before the release of Pokémon Go in India.
  • Appcessories –  United Kingdom “Best Augmented Reality Games 2016… [in Clandestine Anomaly] the visuals are captivating, at the very least. The aliens are movie-like, and the sight of them and machines waging war among real life object in your backyard, makes it even more alluring.
  • Thrillest – USA “6 Augmented-Reality games to Play if you’re into Pokémon Go…
    If you prefer more of a shoot-’em-up augmented reality, [Clandestine Anomaly] is right up your alley.
  • DG Tully  – India “Pokémon GO isn’t the first game that gets you moving… [Clandestine Anomaly] will not have you jumping into ponds or getting lost in the wild as you can choose your home base and a 2 km area around it.”
  • Game Players Reveiw – “Here’s A Bunch Of Games Like Pokemon Go That Are Godlike
  • Loop – Indonesia, Clandestine Anomaly listed in article Any Games Ready to Rival Pokemon GO?” 

And in case you missed it, the entire Clandestine Anomaly campaign is currently on sale on Google Play.

Update: More and more outlets are discovering out epic AR indie game! We’ve added a selection of what’s come since the original post below.

  • IGN – Greece, Clandestine listed as on of 10  Augmented Reality Games and Applications, “Without having to “catch” virtual creatures in squares and fields, we can bring a lot of other things in everyday life and our devices through applications ‘augmented reality.'”
  • Smosh  (Defy Media) – USA “7 Augmented Reality Games That Paved the Way for ‘Pokémon Go.
  • Le Morde – France, named Clandestine Anomaly in “Augmented reality video games: six alternatives to ‘Pokemon Go’
  • publiMetro (Metro World News) – Chile “Video games like Pokemon Go that change the world…
    If you prefer hunt aliens and defend the world against a possible invasion rather than catch Pokémon, this game is for you.
  • Power Unlimited – Netherlands “In this Feature you will find 10 of the best games for your smartphone using augmented reality (AR) and GPS.
  • TechMundo – Brazil “6 reality games to play while we wait for Pokémon GO…
    To begin, we bring a game that stands out for combining many gameplay elements into a single experience. That’s because  Candestine Anomaly  is a game that combines the classic tower defense games with augmented reality, in which you must protect humanity from a horde of aliens that are invading Earth…
  • ZurmoGG – Tops y Reviews – Spain, named Clandestine as #1 game “Similar to Pokemon Go you have to Play

  • Inovasee – Indonesia “Anti Pokemon GO? Try 5 others games also user the concept of AR
  • iFix – South Africa, Clandestine: Anomaly listed as 1 of  “5 great AR games to play on your smartphone…Clandestine: Anomaly is almost the Space Invaders for a new generation.
  • Forever Geek – names Clandestine Anomaly in article “Here are 5 games better than Pokemon Go
  • QArea – USA, mentions Clandestine as a Pokemon Go predecessor “Is Pokemon Go an AR Tech Push All of us Needed?
  • Oficina Da Net – Portugal “The games industry is used augmented reality for a long time, in order to provide more realistic scenes players and more interaction, an example of this is Clandestine Anomaly.
  • About Augmented Reality – “Best Augmented Reality Games for Android and iPhone…If there is anything that comes close to PokemonGó, it should be Clandestine: Anomaly. It is one of the best location based AR games for android and iOS platform.”