The release of Pokémon Go almost exactly one year after the release of Clandestine Anomaly has blown the doors off both location-based games and those featuring Augmented Reality. It’s also helping bring attention back to our location-based AR game, Clandestine Anomaly.

While there has been a wide variety of both Augmented Reality games and games that use GPS, very few games before Pokémon Go utilized both features in a single connected experience. Given the massive success of Pokémon Go and how it has brought awareness of this style of gaming to the mainstream, we’re proud to say that Clandestine Anomaly was (to our knowledge) the first mobile games to ever mix the two features together.

GPS AR Powered Game modes

For us Augmented Reality will continue to get better as better devices and more data about the real world environment is integrated into the experience. For now, GPS is but a single data point the first steps in the process of merging reality with digital fantasy.

Both Pokémon Go and Clandestine use maps and GPS data to overlay digital content onto the real world, and both use the camera and gyros on smart devices to visually represent that content directly alongside the real world.

This is perhaps why the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go has brought some attention back to Clandestine Anomaly. Below is a round up of some of the places we’ve received coverage as a result of Pokémon Go’s popularity, with brief excerpts.


  • CBC (Web, TV, Radio)  “Clandestine Anomaly is already considered one of the top AR games to try when players tire of Pokemon
  • Metro News (Web, Print) “Pokemon GO may have proven the augmented reality market globally, but it’s doing so in a gaming sector pioneered in Winnipeg.

Corey discussing Pokemon Go and Clandestine Anomaly with CBC


Excerpts from articles not originally published in English are translated here via Google Translate.

  • Phone Arena – USA “5 augmented reality games to play on your smartphone when you get tired of Pokemon Go…[In Clandestine] you can direct battles at your bedroom-turned-Earth defense command center, or take the fight to the streets by visiting real-world locations and deploying explosive airstrikes
  • Game Scroller – United Kingdom “Augmented Reality Gaming: More than just Pokemon Go…I’ve tried Clandestine: Anomaly myself since it offers the first 4 levels completely free of charge and it’s very impressive. The AR is not simply just look and poke the screen, you can take the fight to the ground to destroy the enemy and then go out to a full map of your area to manage your bases.  It really is well-developed and you should give those 4 levels a go.
  • – Romania “3 augmented reality games if you’re tired of Pokemon Go…If you like strategy games Clandestine Anomaly is an awesome game of augmented reality in which you have to put into operation your strategic senses to protect the neighborhood from aliens.
  • Andro4All – Spain “Augmented reality games to consider when we get tired of Pokémon GO…As we move forward in the task of saving the planet, we will have the opportunity to build structures of war to launch attacks and defend our neighborhood.
  • Phonia “There is life beyond Pokémon Go 5 games in which augmented reality is the protagonist…Clandestine: Anomaly is a very complete game, with a futuristic interface leading to a new level classic game of tower defense adding augmented reality.”
  • – Indonesia (Web) “Not only Pokemon Go is exciting play…If you like the theme of war strategy game especially combined with the technology of Augmented Reality, you should try this game.”
  • Bebop – India “So, if you are looking for other AR games like Pokemon Go, you’re in luck because we bring you the most amazing games like Pokemon Go.
  • Cramer – USA “Today, smartphone games like “Clandestine: Anomaly” — where you find digital clues in your vicinity before fighting space aliens — let you interact with the world around you. These games might look different [then Go] but they have one thing in common: They tie digital content to specific geographic locations based on GPS coordinates.
  • Game Dots – Mexico “Although it seems a novelty, long before his arrival there were already some  very fun games augmented reality , accessible and even better than Pokémon GO in some respects.”
  • – United Kingdom “Sick of Pokemon Go? Here are 12 other augmented-reality apps to try
  • Turn On – Germany “We show you five real alternatives to “Pokémon Go
  • VN Express – Vietnam “Virtual reality games that enhance or replace Pokemon Go”
  • LA Mosca – Belgium “What are GPS games?
  • CNN Life – Philippines “5 augmented-reality games you can play while waiting for Pokémon Go
  • Biz Watch – Nigera “Similar Apps that allow you engage in physical activities are: The Walk, Ingress, Temple Treasure Hunt, Geocaching, Clandestine Anomaly, SpecTrek, SuperHero Workout and a host of others

Update: We’ve received even more coverage since we first posted this update. Find out more here.