London Skyline from near the Conference

Last week Danielle King and Corey King were in London, UK to participate in the first ever Technology Expo conference. Located in the heart of London, tucked roughly between London bridge and the Globe Theatre, The Tech Expo was a spirited show focusing on AR, VR and Convergent Technologies.

Though focused on technology the content of the show spanned industrial and commercial applications to the experimental and philosophical.

TTE show floor

For our part, ZenFri was shortlisted for the Best use of AR 2015 award. While we did not win, we find it hard to feel bad losing out to Give Vision whose AR and wearable technology are for the far nobler cause of helping the blind and visually impaired. We wish them the best of luck in making the future a better place for everyone!

Corey also participated in a four person panel discussing AR vs VR, and which technology will conquer the near future. The talk was quite lively, and from what we could gather, it received a great response.

We enjoyed our time in London and all the brilliant talks and demos at the Technology Expo. We hope this year’s conference was only the beginning of a long and prosperous life for the show.

Below is Corey’s awkward POV of some of his fellow panelists.