Other Creative Adventures – “Not Your Typical Creative Studio”

Other Creative Adventures – “Not Your Typical Creative Studio”

As we discussed briefly last year, ZenFri is not your conventional creative studio, and despite what our social feeds and updates may, justifiably, lead you to believe, we don’t consider ourselves a game studio either. We’re storytellers, who continue to work across an array of mediums, boldly going wherever the story takes us. We believe each medium has specific strengths and weakness and as such some ideas are best presented as poems, others as visual arts, films or most recently VR and AR experiences. We make a lot of interesting things here at ZenFri, so here’s part one of a two part glimpse at some of our other creative adventures in 2016.

Our allegiance is to ideas first, and our goal as a company is to present each idea in the best format possible. As summer comes to a close we feel now is the time to take a brief look at some of the smaller projects we’ve been working on that we don’t generally find the time to showcase here.

In part one of this update we’ll be showcasing some of the visual art and animation being done here at ZenFri by Danielle, while in part two we’ll dive into #HerArtHisWords, an extended collaboration between Danielle and Corey, where they release to social media, on a weekly basis, a piece of original digital art with a tweet-sized piece of prose.

So here part one focusing on some of the other work Danielle has been creating here at ZenFri.

The Eclectic Visual Artist

Both at ZenFri and through organizations like The Forum Art Centre, where she is an instructor and the Programming Director, and The Manitoba Society of Artists where she currently resides as President, Danielle still devotes much of her time to visual art projects.

Working with watercolours, ink, charcoal, coloured pencils, acrylics and digitally, Danielle continues to produce an eclectic variety of large and small format works, digital pieces and experimental animations.

You can find a non-exhaustive presentation of recent works on her artist website. For a little taste of what she’s been working on we’ve posted a few works below:

Dream Pools (Digital)

Dream Pools - Other Creative Adventures

Conjure the Moon (Digital)

Conjure The Moon - Other Creative Adventures

Glitchy Lightness in Dance (Digital)

Lightness in Dance - Other Creative Adventures

Sparked “In Progress” (Ink & Watercolour)

Sparked "In Progress" - Other Creative Adventures


Recent Art Shows

While some readers may have seen these pieces posted online, those in Winnipeg may have also spotted these and other works by Danielle  in a series of shows across Winnipeg this year, including:

  • Open Juried Competition and Exhibition: Manitoba Society of Artists’ Open Juried Competition and Exhibition Art Show, August-September 2016
  • Group Show: Artists Showcase, Mona Lisa Ristorante, July/August 2016
  • Group Show: Caked with Love, July 2016
  • Group Show: The Fresh Art Show, June 2016
  • Group Show: Art in the Park, June 2016
  • Group Show: Great West Life, May/June 2016
  • Group Show: Small Papers Show, May 2016


The 2016 Manitoba Societies of Artist’s Open Juried Competition and Exhibition

Of these shows the Open Juried Competition and Exhibition presented by the Manitoba Society of Artists is currently on from now until September 25th, at the “Gallery In the Park” in Altona, Manitoba. For full details on this show visit the official event page.

The show was independently judged by Winnipeg’s own Keith Wood and the national-recognized Don Foulds of Newfoundland.

Danielle’s latest watercolour work “Blue” was selected as one of more than 70 works from across Manitoba to be present at the show, helping to ensure our creative efforts continue to be recognized across an array of mediums.

Some pictures from the event opening are below:

Gallery In the Park

The building where the works were displayed as people enter

The main exhibit hall on ground level

The main upper gallery hall

one of many works at the show

As you can see, despite the event’s remote location the exhibition’s opening was jam packed with people from all across Manitoba. It was a beautiful show and an amazing location and we’re so thrilled to have Danielle’s work be a part of it.

Oh speaking of Danielle’s work here it is:

Danielle with "Blue" at the MSA's OJCE 2016 - Other Creative Adventures

If you enjoyed this look at some of ZenFri’s  other creative adventures then stay tuned for part 2 where we look at our social media collaboration #HerArtHisWords.