Tomorrow night at 6pm in the ACI Classroom, 4th floor, 245 McDermot Avenue, Co-Founder Corey King will be presenting a talk at New Media Manitoba titled “Perseverance is Key: The Struggles and Splendor of Creating My First Video Game and How You Can Do It Better.”

The talk will dive into how ZenFri went from making micro budget film, visual art and creative writing projects to raising $1.5 million in funding to build the innovative augmented reality game Clandestine: Anomaly.

This is not your typical game development journey. It’s a journey about how a pair of artist with a vision for a new way to tell stories and begins in a time before either even knew a single coder.

The NMM Perseverance is Key talk will be free to attendant. You can register for the event here.

Perseverance is Key

Presented in Corey’s signature high energy and candid style, “Perseverance is Key” will review ZenFri’s journey into the game industry, share some of the hard lessons they learned along the way and give tips for how you can do it better.

What we’ll talk about:

Who is ZenFri, what do they do and why? From conception to funding, how to build a game project in Winnipeg while protecting yourself and your IP, and simple steps that will help you succeed without needing to learn the hard way!

What you’ll learn:

  • Games are a collaborative iteration-based art, top down static visions will fail.
  • Going too big too soon can destroy you.
  • The Winnipeg community wants you to succeed, so get engaged!

Without a single video game production under his belt Corey went from an under employed food service worker, to creating an internationally recognized and award winning game.

So come developers, artists, filmmaker and writers with or without experience and learn the story behind Clandestine: Anomaly and more importantly how you can do it better.