While Corey was at GameLab Barcelona, ZenFri received some press coverage for our game project Clandestine: Anomaly. We’ve collected some of these articles and posted them here for you to enjoy.

Note: Most articles were translated by Google Translate, click the article image or link to see the original.

This article discusses some of the exciting things at this years GameLab, which happens to include our vision for Augmented Reality gaming.

Corey does a video interview with the Barcelona Center News. Link to Video.

This article is focused on the Innovation Panel, Corey was a part of.

This piece of coverage, also from HobbyConsolas, gives an overview of conference’s first day  –confusing Corey with an important person.

A minor mention in Gamasutra, but hey it’s Gamasutra!

Here is an article giving an overview of the conference, that talks at some length about Clandestine: Anomaly.