Clandestine: Anomaly features a unique fusion of intriguing narrative, emerging technologies, and exciting tactical gameplay which we call Tower Tactics. Like all great tactical strategy games, Clandestine: Anomaly features a robust variety of unique units designed to help turn the tide of battle. From the vicious Viper to the slowing Sloth, every unit influences the battlefield in its own particular way. As the player progresses through the campaign, additional arrays are unlocked to help face the newly presented challenges.

Before you can dive into a Mission or Operation, it’s important to equip your units on the Loadout menu. From this menu the player can select up to four unique Arrays for their upcoming combat mission, as well as learn about their unique tactical uses, and upgrade their abilities.

Throughout each Mission the player is rewarded with Nanos, a cell of a billion stem-cell like nanobots that act like an in-game currency and are earned by winning missions, and destroying enemy targets.

These Nanos can then be invested into your unlocked Arrays in order to upgrade their abilities. Should you make a mistake in your upgrades, or simply wish to reallocate or Nanos, 75% of the original value can be restored at any time. So feel free to experiment and find out what works best for you!

There are two distinct classifications of Arrays; Combat and Utility. Read on to discover what makes each Array unique, their upgradeable base stats, and how the player can employ their power to turn the tide of battle.

Combat Array

JackalStrike fast and in force with this cost effective Array that shoots a single target with a standard attack. The improved Jackal SV3 Modular Deployment Array has been re-engineered by the EDC for maximum combat efficiency. It’s custom Matter Displacement Core has been optimized to suit this units key purpose: low cost, rapid deployment. These traits allow users of the SV3 to amass a formidable force in the shortest possible order.


  • Damage: 45
  • Fire Rate: 0.71 shots/second
  • Fire Rate: 0.71 shots/second
  • Range: 22 meters
  • Auric Cost: 12 AE
  • DPS: 32



Spitfire: Cut through even the thickest Leecher onslaught with this rapid fire Array that shoots multiple targets simultaneously. The KT38-Spitfire is the most ubiquitous and reliable offensive Array in regular EDC deployment. Battle tested in the harshest environments on Earth, the Spitfire has never been known to malfunction. It’s multi-target turrets make it uniquely capable of fending off, or breaking through dense Leecher formations.


  • Damage: 22
  • Fire Rate: 1.25 shots/second
  • Range: 19 meters
  • Number of Targets: 2
  • DPS: 55




Zealot: Using explosive shells, this Array alters the genetic makeup of any Leecher in the blast radius, causing damage over time. The Zealot V1 is an experimental Array Module developed to turn Earth’s most common gas into a devastating weapon. Using high energy explosions to piece deep inside a Leecher, the V1 alters a gene expression carried across all Leecher strains, causing the affected target to react violently to nitrogen.


  • Damage: 75
  • Fire Rate: 0.14 shots/second
  • Range: 22 meters
  • Effect Duration: 3 seconds






Viper: Devastate the enemy from afar using this heavy hitting long range Array that is ideal for intense Portal encounters. Despite sacrificing a respectable minimum range, the XV7 Viper Array Module is the EDC’s only Array specialized in ranged encounters. This unchallenged focus has earned it a legendary status due to the complicated physics involved in accurately firing a projectile deep into the Leecher’s signal interference causing space-time distortions.


  • Damage: 140
  • Fire Rate: 0.25 shots/second
  • Range: 40 meters
  • Min Radius: 20 meters
  • DPS: 35




Invictus: Take them out with a bang using this Array that lobs explosive projectiles across a wide radius. Simply, straightforward and deadly are the terms used to describe the quintessential Invictus Type-E Array Module. With a ballistic delivery system similar to traditional human weapons, the Invictus uses Sigmec Anti-Matter technology to literally tear Leechers apart atom by atom.


  • Damage: 135
  • Fire Rate: 0.33 shots/second
  • Projectile Speed: 4 meters/second
  • Range: 22 meters
  • DPS: 45



Utility Array


Patcher: This utility Array repairs the most heavily damaged Pulsar in its range and can even bring a Generator back from the brink of destruction.,The only tool in the EDCs Frontier Deployment arsenal that can repair a damaged Generator is the NARRA-3i. Lovingly referred to as “the Patcher” the NARRA-3i has become legendary for its ability to restore even the most heavily battered units, allowing Operatives to make stunning comebacks when defeat is all but assured.


  • Heal: 80 HP per shot
  • Heal Rate: 27 HP/second
  • Fire Rate: 0.33 shots/second
  • Range: 35 meters




Sloth: This utility Array temporarily distorts the Nexus Stream, causing enemies to slow their attack and movement speed. The LIERA-ERi or “Sloth” Array Module was originally designed as a research tool to help facilitate closer study of the Leecher virus. Targeting the Nexus Stream used by Leechers to navigate our reality, the Sloth fires a charged Auric burst that distorts the Stream, compromising situational awareness.

  • Range: 30 meters
  • Effect Duration: 3.5 seconds
  • Slow Factor: 40%





WarGame: This utility Array optimizes the damage output Arrays and re-enforces the armor of Generators and Pulsars if in range. The best-in-class ODA-27i Array Modules was given its nickname “Wargame” by some of the EDC’s most decorated Operatives. Functioning like a small fusion reactor, the ODA transmutes a Generator’s output energy into an even more potent state enhancing the capabilities of nearby Pulsars and offensive Arrays.


  • Range: 26 meters
  • Buff: Damage +10%
  • Buff: Pulsar max HP +20%