For reasons that will be made clear in the coming weeks, ZenFri Inc., a federally incorporated Canadian company has expanded into the US, creating the subsidiary ZenFri LLC. based in North Dakota.

Starting this new company has been no small task for ZenFri founders, Corey King and Danielle King, but now that it is setup, they’re pleased to announce that ZenFri is officially an international company.

“Our company still has a long way to go before our vision is fulfilled, but it’s come a long way since we first used the name ZenFri on our little student films,” chuckles Corey, the company’s current Chief Executive Artist.

“As we expand and grow,” continues Corey. “We want to assure everyone that our artistic and independent spirit remains strong, as does our commitment to creating amazing narrative works in the medium that best service the story.”

Here is a look at the Center for Innovation, the incubator that houses ZenFri LLC., along with many other innovative startups:

The Center for Innovation is located at the University of North Dakota.
The art on the wall (right) is but a tiny hint of how much art is in this building. Seeing all the art made us feel at home, alongside the small tech firms the usually work out of the Center.
A picture taken from the front desk overlooking the main entrance.

Incase you are wondering, ZenFri’s Canadian office is still the shoebox-sized living room/ office located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Corey working with the Art Department via Skype.