Over the past year ZenFri Inc. has been partnering with designers, developers, researchers and engineers from all across Canada to bring you an interactive augmented reality game unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.

Our current team is nearly 40 people strong and features the cutting edge technical knowledge of some of Canada’s leading Mobile and Augmented Reality organizations such as Talking Dog Studios, Miralupa, fAARs Research Team and Evodant Interactive.

Additionally we’ve assembled a team of writers, artist and marketers from coast-to-coast who are all passionate about bringing this totally new way to tell stories to market. So passionate that they’ve offered their labour for free. Something we hope to change in the coming Months with a series of fund raising initiatives.

This is an original, epic sci-fi IP that was convinced right here at ZenFri, and which ZenFri maintains control of by managing this large team, from our small home office in Winnipeg.

While we’re not yet ready to reveal a whole lot about this innovative project we are willing to reveal to you the working title “Clandestine: Anomaly” and introduce you to one of the Characters who is central to our story a power sentient robot, named QUVO.