The largest ever Clandestine: Anomaly update is now available on the App Store to all operatives using an iPhone or iPad. This update comes just in time to help you fend off the greatest threat to ever face Earth! The massive, Harbinger Leecher strain is inbound to your city, bringing with it a variety of new mission and mechanics to test your cunningness and resilience.

Grab the update HERE.

Quite simply, these new levels will be some of the hardest challenges you’ve yet faced!

V5_Operations_Banner (Jpeg)

When we say massive, we mean it. The image above shows a Harbinger’s sinister outline, revealing its truly epic scale.

Ever lurking in the darkness, Harbinger’s are reported to carry the spawn of a massive world-devouring Leecher strain. You must draw the Harbinger  to your Command Center, and destroy it before it gives birth to an apocalyptic threat!

Destroy the Harbinger. Save your city!

Fortunately, we won’t be leaving you empty handed. Ever since the recent uptick in Leecher activity in your area, the EDC’s weapon technicians have been working overtime on an experimental weapon’s system designed to make sure you’re well armed for just this type of threat.

V5_Story_Banner copy

Recently declassified, EDC operatives receiving this update will be granted access to a new Array Module, the Slayer Type-F. This missile platform features a long range targeting system, tuned to take out the toughest threats. Trading firing speed for heavy precision and reach, the Slayer Type-F is the perfect weapon to take on the Harbinger — that is, if you can find the Harbinger.

In next week’s blog we’ll give a full reveal of both the Harbinger and Slayer, giving those operatives eager to launch “Operation Hornet Queen” a chance to jump into the fray and see for themselves what kind of heat this update is packing.

For now, here’s a list of changes and updates coming to iOS users in version 1.2.0:

 Content Update

– 3 all new missions, only on iOS!
– Face an all new enemy: the devastating Harbinger!
– Arm yourself with the Slayer, a new unit designed to elevate your tactics!
– Get ready for some of the toughest challenges yet!

Bugs and Fixes

– Improved stability across all supported devices
– Fixed weapon range bug
– Fixed graphic clipping bug
– Fixed a variety of camera-related glitches
– Improved map tile downloading

Get your devices primed and brace yourself. The Harbinger is inbound!