Last week we released our largest ever content update to Clandestine: Anomaly for all users battling to defend Earth on iOS devices. This week EDC Command has obliged us to dive deeper into what new challenges you’ll be facing in Operation Hornet Queen, and what classified new weaponry will be at your disposal to help you rise to the occasion.

If you haven’t yet grab your update, you get it for free HERE.

A New Threat Has Arrived – The Leecher

While we’ve heard warnings from our Sigmec allies about the incoming Harbinger threat, EDC Command has only recently been able to pin-point its whereabouts. Having sent the first Operatives into harms way to gather diagnostic data, we’re now able to piece together scattered details of what exactly we’re facing, and what it may be capable of doing.

Here’s our latest and greatest Info Stream on this threat. For Operative’s eyes only:

Harbinger Data Stream

Early reports indicate that Harbingers are 5x larger than the next largest Leecher Strain — the Scourger — making it comparable to 10 4-story apartment blocks! What’s even more disturbing is that they seem to have an intelligence capable of moving freely about our reality. Not bound to the Nexus Stream like other Leechers, Harbingers appear to lurk in darkness, meaning you’ll have to hunt them down the old fashioned way if you’re to have any hope of dispatching them.

Their tendency to hide from view would not be such a problem if it wasn’t for its puzzling ability to generate impenetrable shields around all portals in its vicinity, meaning you cannot clear out area spawn points until you’ve dealt with the Harbinger. Worse, if you don’t deal with it quickly, you will be overrun.

Finding and destroying the Harbinger is therefore, of utmost priority.

There is something else… while High Command has kept the specific details redacted, it seems the Harbinger is carrying the spawn of something far more devastating. We’re still trying to extract the details. In the meantime you’ll need to focus on destroying the Harbinger before we find out what it’s carrying the hard way.

Destroy the Harbinger. Save your city!

Updates to Your Foundry – The Slayer Type-F

As we mentioned last week, we’ve updated the Foundries for all iOS wielding Operatives with a module designed for just this type of threat — the Slayer Type-F. This all new weapon features the longest range targeting system of any EDC Array Module and is tuned to take out the toughest Leecher threats, trading firing speed for precision.

More details in the Info Stream below:

slayer - socail

The Slayer Type-F is an all new weapon designed to give Operatives a fighting chance against Harbinger incursions. As a bonus to Operatives skilled enough to destroy a Harbinger, we’re offering a permanent unlock on this unique and powerful weapon, so get out there and make us proud!

We’ll continue to gather data on this new threat, and more importantly what it’s carrying. We’ll pass the details along to you when they’re available.

Operation Hornet Queen – Clandestine Update 1.2.0 is now available as a free update on iOS. Defend your city. The fate of humanity depends on you.