For the third year in a row (2016, 2015), our co-founder Danielle showcased some of the more traditional work we do here at ZenFri with a piece on display at this year’s Manitoba Society of ArtistsOpen Juried Competition and Exhibition (OJCE). While we don’t have as much time for prose, poetry and visual work as we’d like these day, we still try to stay true to our roots by entering works into shows, like the OJCE.

OJCE Show Opening 2017

Crowd Gathers for the OJCE 2017 Show – Opening Remarks

This year’s event which ran from September 17th to October 14th at the Warehouse Art Gallery on McDermot was independently juried by Charlie Johnston, a local painter, sculptor, and world-class muralist who has been creating public art for 25 years; if you’ve spent anytime in Winnipeg we can almost guarantee you’ve seen his work, and Claire Desjardins a Quebec-based, award-winning abstract painter and graphic designer from a long line of artists. Her work has been reproduced on merchandise and appeared in major motion pictures as well as popular television shows.

As the photos from the event underline, the OJCE and the MSA continue to represent a diverse range of artistic styles in mediums of painting, mixed media and sculpture. This year’s event showcased 91 works from all across the province.

Packed House at the 2017 OJCE Opening

Packed House at the 2017 OJCE Opening


Diverse Variety of Works

Diverse Variety of Works Selected by the Jury. Pictured is Juror, Charlie Johnston (Right)


Danielle's Work

Danielle’s Work (Bottom Center), Was One of 91 Works Selected


Danielle with Her Work

Danielle with Her Work

Danielle’s ink and watercolour portrait titled “Sanguine” can be seen above.

The opening night was once again jam packed, and the show itself continues to be a success. We hope we can get enough time together to submit a work next year. We also want to encourage any of you who create paintings or sculptural work to submit, each year we see a lot of newcomers and are always impressed by the hidden talent in Winnipeg. You don’t even need to be a MSA member to submit, so get creative and hopefully we can see each other there next year!