Over the summer our team has been diligently working to create what we think will be a truly unique experience on mobile. Creating something this experimental requires an attention to detail, a willingness to experiment, and patience.

Where most video games are solving technical and design challenges within a controlled wholly digital space, with Clandestine, we will solve all of those difficult game-related problems, as well as the inherent problems of working within a real world environment. Things like traffic, weather, hazardous conditions,  acceptable walking distances, and not looking plain foolish in public are issues we are working to solve that are unique to this type of game.

But it goes deeper than this. As we try to create a game that doesn’t force outdoor play, but is enhanced by it as we want to ensure location-based gameplay is balanced, but rewarding enough to be worth the effort compared to non-location options. This hopefully is how you make the game rewarding, while avoiding turning the Augmented Reality and location-based elements into a gimmick.

We want to make a great game, that has strong AR and location based mechanics, not merely a “good AR game”.  This is our focus, and the reason why we’re limiting the amount of updates/announcements we provide until closer to launch.

That said, we’d like to take this opportunity to share a few updates that have occurred over the summer.

We’ve received $40k in marketing funding from the Canada Media Fund. These funds will help us create a unique marketing strategy fitting of the new type of experience we’re trying to create. Clandestine creator Corey King, did an interview about the funds with New Media Manitoba earlier this month. You can read that here.

Back in May, Corey also did an interview with Pocket Gamer. This interview was meant as part of a speaking engagement he had at Pocket Gamer Connect in Helsinki, however as our project priorities shifted, and the team had to focus on hitting a major project milestone, we decided to turn our attention inward and focus all of our attention on the game.

However, if you’re interested in reading the interview on what Corey thinks the next year for the mobile games industry might look like, check it out here.