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Other Creative Adventures – “Maintaining an Edge with Creative Side Projects”

We strive in everything we do to create engaging and innovative experiences believing that if we keep making great things and keep learning from our mistakes, we will succeed.  In our efforts to constantly improve ourselves, we strive first and foremost... Read More

Other Creative Adventures – “Not Your Typical Creative Studio”

As we discussed briefly last year, ZenFri is not your conventional creative studio, and despite what our social feeds and updates may, justifiably, lead you to believe, we don’t consider ourselves a game studio either. We’re storytellers, who continue to work... Read More

Struggles With Paint 23

An Art Memory: In the early to mid 90’s physical Christmas cards were still a big deal where just about everyone we knew would send us one. We’d get them from the bank, our dentist, distant relatives, my dad’s coworkers,... Read More

Struggles With Paint 22

I’ve been spending a lot of time on my in-production animation “Fragile Things”, and building an animation reel for As a consolation, please enjoy this early preview of my last animation. Credit to Chelsea Carnie as the dancer. All my... Read More

Struggles With Paint 21

Photoshop is your friend. Like any brush or pencil in your artist box, the computer, editing software and the internet can be a helpful and indispensable tool. Gone are the days of setting up perfectly lit areas to take photographs... Read More

Struggles With Paint 20

I am not a “Chatty Cathy”. Not at all. I even went through the trouble of making 3 animated .gifs of me talking, but they all looked ridiculous. So I didn’t include them. So when I am faced with the... Read More

Struggles With Paint 19

Themes can be a tricky mistress. It is very important for artists to create a body of work that seems cohesive and structured, no matter the content they actually work on. But, it can also be restraining, and somewhat boring if you... Read More

Struggles With Paint 18

Improvement always seems to be at a snail’s pace when you want to be better. Just like when Santa came to visit every year, every day before the 25th was a heart-wrenching, time-slowing wait. But, eventually Santa came and went... Read More

Struggles With Paint 17

Getting paid for what you love to do. One of the best feelings in the world. Well, after all your daily human needs are met like eating and sleeping. But something must be said for when what you made is... Read More

Struggles With Paint 16

Well things have certainly been hectic. I don’t know if I was making it harder on myself than it actually has been, but regardless, since mid-summer hit, I’ve been steering through one collision course after another. The best thing about... Read More