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Clandestine: Buzz – August 1st – 6th

The Android launch of Clandestine: Anomaly introduced many new players into the Clandestine universe! It’s been exciting watching the reviews come in, hearing all the constructive feedback from fans, and engaging...... Read More

Now Available on Android

  Great news! It’s out on GooglePlay! ZenFri and thew Clandestine: Anomaly team are proud to bring you Clandestine: Anomaly for Android devices! We’ve taken a little extra time and care to...... Read More

Clandestine: Buzz – July 2 – July 14

Wow! The days leading up to and following launch have left me quite busy around the office! I’m trying to keep the content rolling and keep on top of all the...... Read More

Now Available on iPhone and iPad

  It’s out! ZenFri and the Clandestine: Anomaly team are proud to bring you Clandestine: Anomaly for iPhone and iPad! We’ve spilt a ton of blood, sweat, tears in order to bring...... Read More

An Interview with Joshua Ortega – Writer of Gears of War 2 & Co-Writer of Clandestine: Anomaly

  This week I had the opportunity to interview Clandestine: Anomaly co-writer Joshua Ortega. Throughout his career Josh has written for many high profile franchises including (but not limited to) Star Wars, Spider-Man, Batman,...... Read More

Clandestine: Buzz – June 15 – July 1st

We’re less than a week from releasing Clandestine: Anomaly on iPhone and iPad. It sure is an exciting time for me as the Community Manager. Every morning I look online to see what...... Read More

The Frontline of Clandestine: Anomaly – Recon Mode

Clandestine: Anomaly puts you at the centre of a galaxy wide invasion. You’ll play commander as you strategize, set up defences, and seek out your enemies. Sometimes when the going...... Read More

Mobile Gaming & What We’re Doing Differently

What an exciting time to be a gamer! With all the impressive games and technologies announced at E3, I’ve been glued to every social platform. Aside from taking in all...... Read More

Clandestine: Buzz – June 1st – 12th

The office is bustling as we approach the release of Clandestine: Anomaly! After weeks of staying late, and coming in on Sundays to apply those final touches, C:A has been...... Read More

Loadout – The Units and Upgrades of Clandestine: Anomaly

Clandestine: Anomaly features a unique fusion of intriguing narrative, emerging technologies, and exciting tactical gameplay which we call Tower Tactics. Like all great tactical strategy games, Clandestine: Anomaly features a...... Read More