AR Gaming TalkComfortably sitting in his office on a unseasonably warm Spring day in Winnipeg, Corey presented a talk about designing around real world environment at a special meetup between AR Barcelona (ARBCN) and the University of Barcelona’s Interactive Technology Program (ENTI).

Filling a short 10 minute presentation about something we’ve been thinking about for years is never an issue of finding what to say, but what to cut. This presentation was focused on the game design challenges ZenFri has come across trying to mesh physical reality, AR, and tower tactics in what we hope to be an engaging gameplay experience.

It was presented at a bullet speed pace.

“I’ve done a few talks about Clandestine and AR at this point,” Corey notes. “But this was the first via remote feed. It was an interesting challenge as reading the audience and adapting to the feel of the room is the key tool I use during a talk, and I didn’t have that here.”

“Since location-based AR is still a very new concept and our approach is particularly innovative, we have had to overcome many obstacles that simply do not effect traditional game design. I did my best to walk through some of steps we’ve taken to create an exciting, safe, and fun style gameplay that places an intergalactic conflict in your neighbourhood.”

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