This Friday, November 3rd the Winnipeg Film Group is hosting a very special “First Friday” event showcasing Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) experiences at Black Lodge Studio on the 3rd Floor of the Artspace Building (100 Arthur Street). If you’ve not had a chance to try out high-end VR, or have only experienced AR via Pokémon Go, come on out to join us in exploring the deep potential of these emerging mediums.

Industry associations On Screen Manitoba and New Media Manitoba are joining forces for this event with the Film Group to highlight local immersive technology projects and companies in the hopes of educating and inspiring the public about new ideas and ways to create, share and exhibit works. These organizations see the event as an opportunity to bring together digital creatives, artists, filmmakers and the general public together to gain a greater understanding and exposure to these new storytelling platforms.

AR-VR First Friday Event

VR at the Winnipeg Film Group’s Black Lodge Studio

We’ll be at the event showcasing AR and VR works from the last four years, setting up a playable version of our museum-based AR exhibit Fossil Discovery Adventure and giving a brief glimpse at The Last Taxi, our largest game project to-date that’s currently in development and was re-imagined for VR. For those interested in working in these mediums, or merely curious about our projects, we’ll also be on hand to chat and wildly speculate about the future.

Also at the event will be Winnipeg’s first VR arcade, our friends at The Portal will be offering free VR experiences from around the world and another creative firm that creates cross media content including VR games, Electric Monk Media, will be showing off a playable version of their latest work, Phantom of the Forest.

Full event details for this free event available here.

Event Sponsors and Participants

Event Sponsors and Participants

We believe Winnipeg is turning into a very special place for development of creative AR and VR projects, which is why we wanted to participate in the event. While it is widely know that Winnipeg’s vibrant creative community hits well above its weight class, what’s less well known is that we’re turning into something of a hub for Virtual Reality development with an array of firms heavily focused on VR including Electric Monk Media, Bit Space Development, Campfire Union, Project Whitecard and others. Supporting this natural growth comes the recent investment into a Mobile Media Lab filled with all the equipment needed to create amazing AR/VR and 360 content in Manitoba.

The event aims to highlight this Media Lab, showcase some of the work happening locally, and hopefully inspire creatives from other disciplines to help make Winnipeg a world class centre for creative projects in immersive mediums.

In fact VR development is growing so much in Winnipeg that there are two other events happening on the same night and in the same area of town! Creative Manitoba and Bit Space Development will be hosting their own VR experience at 300 – 245 McDermot Avenue and Campfire Union has an open house showing off their new office  at 404-250 McDermot Ave.

All these events are within walking distance of each other so we encourage anyone interested in the local AR/VR scene to check them all out.