Last week, members of ZenFri’s production and business team headed down to San Francisco to participate in two back-to-back conferences: Game Connection and the Game Developers Conference.

A lot has changed in the year since our first GDC, and while we thought we did pretty well last year, this year we doubled-down taking on 60 planned and innumerable impromptu meetings in the course of the five days. Jei, Dan and Corey each worked hard to capitalize on our past year of success in an attempt to ensure Clandestine hits the market with a splash.

During the Conferences, we were featured in the Canada Videogame Showcase, and participated in the Manitoba delegation of companies.

The showcase also included clips from our game at the packed Canada Party:

And provided the opportunity to be interviewed by a variety of game and technology media:

New Media Manitoba created a video featuring companies in the delegation:

These showcases, the past year of work and the addition of as-of-yet-unannounced AAA talent to the project helped us to exceed our ambitious expectations for the conferences. The results of which were covered this week in the Winnipeg Free Press Business section.

We met with publishers large and small, explored amazing new opportunities for future projects with both high calibre and brand new companies, and even ran into some curious and unexpected surprises.

All-in-all the combination of Game Connection and GDC made for a very busy week filled with a ton of potential to follow up on.

Now for the difficult part, capitalizing on these opportunities.