Clandestine: Anomaly is gearing up for launch! The office is buzzing as we’re play testing, finalizing assets, recording dialogue, and beefing up our social media. We’re super excited to share all we have been working on, and so are the good folks over at Metaio’s AUGMENTED Blog!

Last week Corey sat down with Anett Gläsel-Maslov to chat about his upcoming presentation at Inside AR San Francisco. In this interview he touches on why a mobile device is the perfect platform for telling the Clandestine: Anomaly story, as well as how he see’s the future of Augmented Reality.

Read the interview here!

Additionally, Clandestine: Anomaly was featured in Jack Dashwood’s blog titled New Level Unlocked: The State of Augmented Reality Gaming. In this article Dashwood asks “Is Augmented Reality Gaming Ready for the Big Time?” He references several proof of concept videos that help explain what augmented reality may be like one day, before he dives into real world examples of today including Clandestine: Anomaly.

Read the blog here!