As we approach launch, we’re working hard to bring the world of Clandestine: Anomaly crashing into your neighbourhood. To set the scene of what’s to come we are expanding the story world into your social media networks. Through Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, you’ll be able to interact with a cast of characters, discover their goals, factions, alliances, and in turn uncover some of the secrets of the Clandestine universe. By expanding the story across multiple formats and platforms, we hope to blur the line between fiction and reality. All in universe social media is intended to be optional and complimentary to the main story as presented in Clandestine: Anomaly.

The first of our in universe social media campaign to launch is the Earth Defence Contingency (EDC) Public Affairs Office on Twitter. Through cryptic enciphered messages, the EDC communicates with their operatives and seeks to recruit those capable of breaking the cipher.

Think you’re EDC material? Follow @EDC_PAO and begin your training.

In addition to our in universe social campaign, you can keep up with the latest Clandestine: Anomaly news in a more traditional form at @AnomalyGame on both Twitter and Instagram for a out of universe perspective. Here we will be sharing content about the game, it’s features, technology, story, and artwork.

In the meantime, here’s come cool new artwork by the talented Steve Hope!

Anyway, I’m new! My name is Adam and I’m the newest member on the ZenFri team. It is my job to act as the liaison for the team to the community, as well as for the community to the team. I’ll be running all the social networks, and setting up a few more so that it’s always easy to reach ZenFri. This week I got the opportunity to play Clandestine: Anomaly and began reading through the extremely dense lore bible. Corey is undoubtedly the lore master, but I’m going to have to quickly ascend to his level of expertise in order to communicate through the in universe social accounts. Wish me luck! We’re passionate about what we do, and I look forward to chatting with you all!