Project: Warpaint
Project Lead: Corey King (Editor-in-Chief) and Dee King (Managing Editor)
Anthology of Written and Visual Works
Published June 2012



An anthology of bold, provocative, and unusual short fiction and visual works. The 162 page anthology features works by over a dozen international and Canadian visual artists and writers.

Warpaint establishes a vibrant space for polemical art. Its confrontations are inspired by an attitude that sees today’s avant-garde by and large as sterile, dogmatic, elitist and posturing in its claims to radical politics and experimentation.

Warpaint is rare among literary publications in its policy of sharing all sales revenues equally among its contributors. It’s also 100% artist run and funded. “We had a huge response from submitters all over the world,” says Corey King, Chief Executive Artist of ZenFri Inc. “And we felt that with today’s technology, the cost of production and distribution are so low, that we could rely on the commitment or our talented team without seeking the support of government grants.”

The issue is available in black and white on Lulu, in colour on CreateSpace, digitally on Kindle. Warpaint has a growing online community of readers, and regularly features interviews with its contributors on its Facebook page.

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Julianna Kozma is the author of two novels for young adults. She worked as a financial journalist for 15 years before breaking into the book-publishing world.

Keith Kennedy has published short fiction and poetry in numerous publications. A nominee for the Pushcart Prize, he will be published in the SFPA’s anthology of the best poetry of the year.

Andrea Beça is a freelance writer, editor, playwright, and dramaturge, as well as Artistic Director of Cowardly Kiss Theatre. She currently resides in Edmonton, AB.

Steve Wade’s fiction has been published. His work has been placed in prestigious writing competitions and won awards, including first prize in the abook2read literary competition.

John Brooke is a Montreal-based writer, who has published four novels, and is winner of the Journey Prize. His most recent book is Stifling Folds of Love – An Aliette Nouvelle Mystery.

Emily Ursuliak is pursuing an MA in English at the University of Calgary. She is also the Artistic Director of The Poetry Prowl: A Roaming Poetry Festival.

Chris LaMay-West has had work appear in Kitchen Sink and Morbid Curiosity, and in various online venues. He currently resides in Salem, Massachusetts.

Elynne Chaplik-Aleskow is an educator and broadcaster. She is founding General Manager of WYCC-TV/PBS and Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Wright College in Chicago.

Matt Jones’s work can be found in such publications as Paper Darts, and Hoot Review. In the fall of 2012, he will begin his MFA in Creative Writing at The University of Alabama.


David Hunter is currently working as a freelance designer and consultant for such high profile clients as The LCBO, Coca-Cola, and The United Way.

Gerard Lange is a professional photographer, and assistant professor of the same at Barton College. His works have been featured in numerous exhibitions and in a variety of publications and journals, both nationally and internationally.

Katie Monahan is a Los Angeles based artist whose work has been showed in London, Belgium, Australia, Tahiti, Canada, New York, and elsewhere. She holds a BFA in Studio Arts from the University of Notre Dame.

Shannon Yashcheshen is a graphic and web designer, painter, printmaker and photographer. She is currently pursuing an MFA from the Unive

rsity of Manitoba.Cat Manolis has exhibited and received awards for her artwork in the United States. She holds an MFA in Sculpture, and runs her own design business.

Ben Clarkson is an artist and illustrator living in Winnipeg, MB. His illustrations have appeared in such publications as The Literary Review of Canada and The Globe and Mail.


ZenFri Inc. (Publisher) creates and distributes cutting edge art and entertainment across a range of mediums. In an increasingly diverse media landscape, ZenFri boldly rethinks narrative conventions, merging mediums and technology in ways never before conceived.

Bev Sandell Greenberg (Volume Editor) is a Winnipeg writer and editor. Her stories have appeared in Canadian and American journals, and her poetry featured on local transit buses.

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