Trades Town

Trades Town

Project: Trades Town
Designer and Writer: Dee King
Contracting Company: Bit Space Development
Educational Application — Digital

Up to 4 players compete to take over the town with their knowledge of the trades industry! Build your workshop by moving around the board and collecting all 6 of the industry icons: Wood, Metals, Electric, Machines and Mud/Concrete.

Learn about 17 different careers in the trades industry such as Welder, Tilesetter, Plumber and Carpenter. Each career is detailed with important information to get you started on the road to thinking about the trades including salary range, future outlook and apprenticeship requirements.

Cruise through the Career Prospect Pages to study each career outside of the game action, including videos of people who work in that trade and their experience on the job. Small town domination is just a click away!

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