If you’ve been following our efforts here at ZenFri over the last few years you may have come to the conclusion that we’re strictly a game studio. We’ve even had people argue this sentiment to us. However, if “Game Studio” was core to your conception of ZenFri, I’d like to take this time to politely inform you that you’ve got the wrong idea.

There is a reason our home pages declares “we endeavour to tell unique stories in interesting ways” and not “we endeavour to create unique and exciting games”. Our heart and soul has always been and remains with storytelling, in it’s many permutations, it’s just perhaps that we’ve taken a rather long detour into focusing solely on games.

We can’t help but take the blame for this misconception though, as for the last two years many smaller projects were shelved or swallowed up entirely in our efforts to complete our first game and largest project to date. Clandestine: Anomaly. The “Anomaly Effect” here at ZenFri was so intense that even projects which did see the light of day were not reported much by us, as we worried any such updates would distract attention.

Well… starting today, we’re going to start correcting this unfortunate state of affairs.

Exhibit A: Danielle’s Mirrored Mask 

In today’s post we’re going to dive back into a project that took some collateral damage due to the “Anomaly Effect.” It’s a work which we were internally quite proud of, but which we didn’t make much mention of, when it was accepted into an important local exhibition.

That work is Danielle’s mixed media visual art piece “Mirrored Mask” (shown below in high-res).

Danielle the Mirrored Mask

From June-September 2015, right at the heart of Clandestine’s launch, Danielle’s visual work “Mirrored Mask” was honored by appearing in the 83rd annual Manitoba Society of Artists’ Open Juried Competition and Exhibition Art Show.

Having been selected by a jury to appear in a 4 month long exhibition at the Mennonite Heritage Center Gallery here in Winnipeg, it was shown alongside a select, but eclectic group of works meant to reflect the current Manitoba art scene.

The Show

For those who missed the show, here’s a high-res image of Danielle’s work “Mirrored Mask”. Unfortunately, the shiny metallic backdrop doesn’t really show off as well here as it does in person, but if you’re in Winnipeg and are interested in seeing Mirrored Mask it is currently hanging for public viewing at the Forum Art Centre.

Mirrored Mask by Danielle King

While we work away on The Last Taxi, and continue to push updates about Clandestine: Anomaly, you can expect to see many more non-gaming related posts in the near future.