The Leechers are coming, and you are in the wrong place at the right time. It’s up to you to discover what has drawn the Leechers here, defend your neighbourhood from utter destruction, and eliminate this alien incursion. Clandestine: Anomaly puts you face-to-“face” with an extra dimensional threat that you can not perceive without the aid of your mobile device, and a little alien code. Much the same as ultraviolet light or radiation, technological assistance allows humans to discern what lies beyond their narrow view of reality.

Your newfound allies refer to the Leechers as a virus, and they’ve got you playing doctor. Like any sickness, the symptoms of the ailment can be used to discover the true root of the disease. In this case, the first sign of the Leecher blight is their green flowing “Nexus Stream,” similar to an ant’s pheromone trail. This winding pathway leads the Leechers toward high energy sources, and the player toward the source of the Leecher outbreak — their Portal, a tear in spacetime. Eliminate the root problem, and the Leecher pathogen will no longer have entrance into your neighbourhood.

Discovering the source of the problem isn’t enough. In order to cure this alien plague, it’ll take an arsenal of Recon abilities, and tactical Arrays. But, before you equip your Loadout, be sure to study up on the alien infection, their various strains, and how they affect the battlefield.

The Leechers

The Binder: A malformed offensive variant of the Leecher virus that can teleport short distance by bending local space-time.



The Scrambler: An aggressive pack-based variant of the Leecher virus. In close proximity to EDC structures, Scramblers will fire barrages of armor piercing spores that detonate once inside a unit.




The Blockader: Heavy hitting and heavily armored Blockaders are extremely deadly in groups, providing defensive bonuses to other nearby Leechers.






The Interceptor: Equal parts cunning and reckless the Interceptor has a potent long range attack. Once critically wounded, an Interceptor will use its body as a weapon in a devastating suicide attack.




The Harvester: As a support strain Harvesters are an omen of a rapidly accelerating threat. By restoring health and enabling Leechers to move faster down the Nexus Stream, they can turn a bad situation into a dire one.





The Proliferator: Elegant, ominous and exceptionally powerful – Proliferators spontaneously replicate other Leechers on the Nexus Stream, helping to rapidly transform a local infection into a planet-wide plague.






The Scourger: The apex of known offensive Leecher strains. This brute force power house has even been known to single-handedly cut through Sigmec battle-fleets.