Thank you so much for your support of our next title The Last Taxi. The amount of positive feedback we’ve received here on Greenlight and across the internet has had a major impact on our team.

We dig that you’ve been digging the game!

Over the course of our campaign we hope to reveal a lot more about our little indie game, and look forward to getting your comments and feedback on each element of the game. But before we dive deeper into the systems and stories filling your journey across the Neon City, we wanted to update you on how the Greenlight has been doing thus far.


Greenlight Status Report

In the first 48 hours of the campaign we made it over half way to being a top 100 Steam Greenlight title. We could not have done that without your votes and words of encouragement. Seeing so many positive words, and watching the votes come in has been both an amazing learning experience, and a very humbling one.

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Over the first two days of our Greenlight campaign the project mostly stayed above 50% ‘Yes’ votes with a growing chunk of users selecting “ask me later”. This is more than we could have asked for, and we endeavor to deliver a game you’ll find surprising, interesting, and most of all, fun.

For those who are in the “ask me later” category we hope that we can turn you into believers as we reveal more of the game over the next few weeks. If we don’t convince you, feel free to let us know why in the comments. All feedback – whether positive, critical or negative – is important to us during this stage of development.

For those who voted “Yes”, if you want to see this game on Steam we encourage you to let your friends know about the game, and to follow us on Twitter or “Like” us on Facebook to keep up to date on all the updates.


Coverage Highlight

Last night we made it onto All Your Base Online’s Twitch Stream for the gaming news talk show Level 1 Scrubs.


The Next Update

Our next update will dig into some of the storytelling elements we’re working on. Apart from the many longer-form family-focused story quests, we’re aiming to have over 150 unique, hand-written passengers in the launch version of the game.

We consider each of these passengers as being their own short story within the larger game story. While you might think these are just throw away side-characters, they’re anything but.

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.14.17














This is the discussion tree for a single passenger in The Last Taxi. This is neither the simplest nor the most complex tree for a passenger.

In the next update we’ll dive deeper into passenger discussions in the Last Taxi.