Today’s Last Taxi update was slated to dive deeper into some of the unique systems and mechanics we’re building into the game, however far more exciting news has arrived by way of Steam. While the mechanics-focused update is still inbound, you’ll have to wait a little longer as we can’t wait to share the news that Last Taxi has just been Greenlit!


After a little more than a week on Stream Greenlight, soon after passing the pivotal “Top 100 Games on Greenlight” mark, our team here at ZenFri was given a great Friday morning kickoff  when we learned we had been Greenlit.

Thanks so much to everyone who supported this game on by voting!

For those who follow ZenFri from our many other projects, and are not familiar with what Steam is, it’s the world’s largest digital distributor of PC games, and have over 125 million active users.

With this announcement we can now say that The Last Taxi will be coming to PC, Mac and Linux via Steam! Our launch was always intended to be PC first, but this Greenlight guarantees that focus. Our team worked hard this week to get the word out about that game, and we couldn’t be more excited to be Greenlit.

Update Preview

Now as you’ve been temporarily robbed of your mechanics update, we’ll give you another little tease for what we promise to be our next update.

Garbage Robot Mechanic

Over the last week we’ve put a lot of new systems into the game, including this one that make the city a little busier, and creates obstacles for drivers to look out for.

Humans will be pushed to their multi-tasking limits in the Last Taxi. Keep your eyes open out there!