Our species can be pretty smart. We’re so clever that we’ve created tools to do things so we don’t have to. In agriculture we’ve gone from sticks, to plows, to tractors. Where once everyone had to trudge through the dirt just to grow a meal, today – due to our advancements only a few have to. Farms have become factories run by a handful of people, and the former or would be farmers have found other ways to make a living. Our advancement extends to all aspects of modern western life, and today we hold more computing power in our pocket than was available to all of mankind throughout most of our history. This advancement is at the core of who we are, but it also risks changing what we are, for better or for worse.

Like the Industrial Revolution, or the Agriculture Revolution before it, our society is about to face another massive shift known as the Automation Revolution. As with every revolution before it, many jobs will be lost as tasks which once took many, will now require only but a few. While new jobs may emerge to pickup the slack, we enter the future uncertain of where we’ll end up.

One of the next major industries to be irrevocably affected by this revolution is the transportation industry, due to the advent of self-driving cars, delivery drones and many other equally impressive emerging technologies.

This intriguing YouTube Documentary titled “Humans Need Not Apply” will help set the groundwork for the the types of ideas we’re putting into our latest project.

We’re looking to the future, both inspired and anxious of this approaching age, and we wanted to create a game that allowed us to explore the many facets of what this future may hold. It would seem that unlike any period of history before, we’re going to be challenged by what it means to be human. These questions inspired our latest story telling endeavour, and next video game — The Last Taxi.

The Last Taxi takes place in at the tail end of the Automation Revolution, when the affects of this revolution have shaken what we in the early 21st century know as life. It will be an era of uncertainty, when questions of whether the average citizen will find their footing is still an open and uncomfortable question. The Last Taxi takes place at the precipice between todays worlds and the future.  With hundreds of millions out of work, and human drivers all but extinct, you’ll play the last taxi driver…ever.

You assume the role of a driver at Luddies Taxi, and you’ve just spent your savings purchasing the cab you now drive.  You’ll attempt to make your service relevant in a changed world, facing off against AUTOnomous and FUBUR, the massive transportation corporations of the future who have fully embraced an automated work force. By providing a uniquely human experience to the mostly-human customers within your cab you’ll have to differentiate yourself from your more cost effective robotic contemporaries, as well as navigate the costs of operating your cab, and keep your family happy.

We’re creating a rich story-world to explore the many interesting possibilities of the future, the tone will be irreverent, absurd, hopeful, dark and at time philosophical.

We can’t wait to share this game with you, it’s being developed fast and furiously as we try to out race the machines ourselves! 😉 The first step to get the Last Taxi from us to you is to support our Steam Greenlight project.