Our next update will dive into the most important part of any game — its systems and mechanics! Before we dig into that though, we thought we’d share an update on the campaign’s progress.

Climbing Mount Greenlight

As of this writing we’ve climbed 90% of the way to being in the Top 100 Steam Greenlight games. This is a very exciting feat for us. We’re a young studio who really likes to experiment and try new things. Our first title was a Location-Based Augmented Reality Game, as different from the Last Taxi as it could possibly be. Everything we make is different from the last, which means we never really know how well our ideas will be received until they’re shown to the world.

Climbing Steam Greenlight




Reaching this milestone has been as exciting as it has been humbling, and it’s motivating the team to put that much more love into the game.

What’s in a Metric?

However, being 90% of the way to the top 100 isn’t the most promising stat. In the backend of Greenlight we can see how our game’s ‘Yes’ vs ‘No’ stats compare to the average for a Top 50 game.

Currently a Top 50 game has 36% ‘Yes’ votes, and 64% ‘No’ votes. That means that some of the most successful games currently on Greenlight have on average mostly negative response from the community.

While Top 50 games have many more votes in total than we do, our ‘Yes’ to ‘No’ ratio has always leaned positive and is currently sitting at 49% Positive, 47% negative and 5% ‘ask me later’.

Voting Ratios

While this metric on its own isn’t that impressive, compared to the average for a Top 50 game, it shows a very strong response. Of course no game is for everyone, and with the Last Taxi we’re trying something a little different.

We couldn’t be more excited about the response so far!

Stay Connected

We’ll continue to keep you posted about the Last Taxi. Your interest and feedback is important to us. We want to bring you a fun, interesting and unique experience and your feedback will help get us there. We closely follow comments on every social media challenge, and here on Greenlight. If you post about the Last Taxi, we’ll see it and it will play a role in the game’s development.

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Next Update

Our next update will be Part 1 of a multi-part post about the game’s systems and mechanics. To help prepare you for that update we’re going to give you a small taste of one of these systems.

Don't Sleep and Drive

In the automated future Automatons don’t pay bills, don’t eat, don’t have families and certainly don’t sleep. To compete against the automated taxi’s of AUTOnomous and FUBUR you may find yourself trying to push the limits of a work day. If you push yourself to make those extra dollars, you will become tired. You’ll need to manage your coffee consumption to try to stay awake, and stay on course.

And finally if you haven’t already, please consider voting for us on Steam Greenlight.

Stay Tuned and Resist Obsolesce.