Clandestine: Anomaly puts you at the centre of a galaxy wide invasion. You’ll play commander as you strategize, set up defences, and seek out your enemies. Sometimes when the going gets tough, it’ll take an extra pair of boots on the ground to turn the tide of battle. You are that extra pair of boots. Just like a hero character in Age of Empires 2, or Starcraft 2, you bring an additional devastating force to the frontline with your unique tactics and abilities. Check out the video below to discover how Clandestine: Anomaly’s Recon mode can help you turn the battle!

LASER STRIKE – A fast and powerful single target location-based airstrike that disintegrates most Leechers in one hit.

FURTHER DETAILS: Accessed through Recon, this quantum laser is a precision weapon that fires from the Command Center at blistering speeds, decimating targets almost instantly. Used by frontline Operatives in volatile conflict zones, the Laser Strike can turn pitched battles into decisive victories.

PULSE STRIKE – A location-based airstrike that fires a volley of highly charged canisters which bomb every visible Leecher, stunning them for an extended duration.

FURTHER DETAILS: Accessed through Recon, the Pulse Strike uses a classified energy source that when detonated, inhibits a Leecher’s spatial understanding of reality causing sensory overload. A relatively new weapon in the EDC’s arsenal, the Pulse Strike’s effect on humans is still under study.

MISSILE STRIKE – A devastating location-based airstrike that bombards a target with precision missile artillery, dealing heavy damage to Leechers caught in the blast.

FURTHER DETAILS – A feat of Human-Sigmec technological fusion,The Missile Strike is the EDC’s single most destructive weapon. Blending humanity’s ingenious brutality with advanced energy-based weaponry, the Missile Strike allows Operatives to go toe-to-toe with even the most powerful Leecher threats.