DSC00372On Friday April 29th, we were awarded Best Animation for Infinite Struggles in the University of Winnipeg Film Festival. I must say that it was a surprising and welcoming experience to win and compete against all the other great student films. I was just hoping to have it shown in the festival, never thinking that I could get nominated for Best Animation and Best Film.

After all the “controversy” that Infinite Struggles of Man received at the University of Manitoba and Tunnel Vision, it is a refreshing experience to have people confused to why it would be considered violent. It shows me that I was right to decline the University’s wish to sensor the piece. I declined because I knew it could get seen elsewhere, and part of me said no simply because I don’t think I should ever have to sensor my work. And I think I’ll stick by that belief.

I know when to use my judgement on whether I think something should be seen or not, but above all, I stick to my guns when I decide something that I know is right. I may change my opinion if I see an error in judgement, but that is what people should do when they find their point to be flawed. They amass a point, argue it and re-evaluate. This gray-scale lets me think of my work on a case-by-case basis where I evaluate each one through certain criteria:

  1. Is it aesthetically pleasing?
  2. Does it say something?
  3. Does it mean something to me?

I go through these three questions because it is important to me to see what I actually think of a piece. Instead of just starting in a furry, finishing and turning to the next, I think on each piece and ponder its message in my life. If I can’t make sense of it, then could I really expect to sell it? I feel that I can only truly sell what matters to me because I know that if I make something I dislike, it will show up in the work.

My newest funded film in the works, Fragile Things has so much of me in it that I couldn’t separate myself from it. I am passionate to make it (when I was writing the conceptual plan I had a good cry under the table with a bottle of wine), and passionate enough to show others when it is finished. You should look for the formal presentation of this piece in the coming weeks, but here is a little tidbit: Fragile Things will be a stop-motion animation about my collection of found photos and the relationships I’ve made with these strangers.

With Infinite Struggles doing the festival circuit and more in the works, you will defiantly be seeing more animations from ZenFri in the near future.