Clandestine: Anomaly is action-packed Locationally Based, Augmented Reality, Tower Tactics, game where YOU are the lead protagonist. The thing is, you’re not the chosen one. You’re not the only one who can stop some existential threat. This isn’t your destiny, and you haven’t been born into or gifted some special circumstance. Perhaps your mom thinks you’re special, but as far as Clandestine: Anomaly is concerned you’re just an average person with an average mobile device. You’re not here to save the magic kingdom, or bring peace to a far off land – In Clandestine: Anomaly you’re fighting for your own real world neighbourhood, with your real world device.

Maybe you saw a link online, maybe you found us on social media, but something possessed you to download “Clandestine: Anomaly” off Apple’s App Store, or Google Play. Once downloaded you tap the icon and open the app only to find it is yet another retro graphic pixel art game. Maybe that’s your thing, maybe you’re over the trend, but when you tap “Start,” strange things start happening.

A flash of… something appears for a fleeting half moment before you are brought to the save slot screen. From here you tap “new game” only for your mobile device to freak out! You watch as glitches overtake your display to reveal some sort of bizarre installation process.  Both human text and an indistinguishable alphabet spell out one simple message among all the digital fragmentation and bugs; your phone is being hacked, and the retro pixel game has been overridden.

Before you know it, the unusual software boots a live video feed from up in the stratosphere. Alien life has made contact with you and their ship is about to make violent contact with your neighbourhood. The extraterrestrials sent out a distress call and your phone somehow answered. You weren’t their first choice, you weren’t even supposed to be an option, but you picked up. With no time to spare, you are about to help an interstellar vessel safely crash land into your neighbourhood and drag our civilization into the middle of a extra dimensional conflict that spans across the cosmos and beyond.

This summer they’re making contact,

Good Luck Terran,