It has been quite some time since we talked about our current game project, The Last Taxi. The last update that talked in any detail about the project was posted way back in November 2015! That was so long ago that fans on our Greenlight page have been asking if this game is even still in development.

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Well, let this update assure you that yes, Last Taxi is still in development. In fact it is being more actively in development now than ever before!

So what happened? What’s taking so long?

Changing Visions, Increasing Ambitions

Back in late summer 2015 when we first announced The Last Taxi we only planned for it to be a quick project that we could fund internally. The idea was that we’d quickly create something fun and unique and just release it to the world in order to help us mentally recover from the four year process of making Clandestine: Anomaly. All the images and videos released to-date are from that version of the game.

Then over the fall and into early 2016, the vision for the game began to change dramatically. While it’s hard to pin down with certainty all the factors that cause an idea to change, there are two things in particular that seemed to drive our desire to dream bigger.

The first factor was the overwhelmingly positive comments we received on our Greenlight. Though we always felt we had a fun and interesting idea, we worried that its focus on a family struggling to cope with automation would not resonate with gamers and that the more niche gameplay ideas would not generate enthusiasm. Going into the Greenlight with these concerns and seeking feedback, we were pretty excited to find so many positive responses and encouragement for the game. It made us think… could this game be something more?

Then came the second factor: a deep dive into the current VR landscape through our attendance at the first ever Unity Vision Summit in Hollywood. There we saw not only what amazing things developers were already building, but we caught a glimpse into interesting things that would be the near future of virtual reality.

Taken together we knew we wanted to expand the world of The Last Taxi, enhance the art, improve gameplay and experiment with making it into a VR experience.



Revised “Neon District” Concept Art.


Revised Interior Dash - The Last Taxi

Revised Interior Taxi from Mid-2016, this design has already been superseded and will continue to evolve.

The Path to Making a Bigger Game

The only problem was we also knew it would take more time and money to see that vision through than we could have managed at that time. Which is why a decision was made to halt and redevelop the vision, believing with this more ambitious vision we could raise the funds to make The Last Taxi into something really special.

While these things always take longer than expected, we’re happy to report we have received significant funding to further develop our revised vision for this game and are currently working on The Last Taxi in a much bigger way.

Left to Right: Corey King, Danielle King and Mark experiment with VR at Campfire Union, a project collaborator.

Left to Right: Corey King, Danielle King and Mark experiment with VR at Campfire Union, a project collaborator.

This process will itself take time. We’re rethinking everything, experimenting more, and really refining what this experience can be. Today, The Last Taxi is actively being developed with full VR support in mind and will contain a much richer story world.

We hope to share more with you soon.