When we were offered an intern or two from Red River College’s current Digital Media Design and 3D Computer Graphics courses, we were like “oh hell’s ya!”

At ZenFri, we’ve always put ourselves head-first into internships, mentorships, and other collaborative opportunities as we really believe in helping students gain valuable work experience, giving them a sense of what life is like after classes, grades and exams. Absolutely no one is the “bored coffee and fax intern” in this office.

Three weeks ago we welcomed Carlie Lytwyn and Lauren Parker to our office with a heap of ground-floor design and concept ideas and lots of one-on-one time from us to revise and strengthen their work. April 25th was their last day and these weeks held some of their first work experiences in their chosen career field.

“I have never spent so many hours illustrating before, and I have learned a lot about concept art as well as character design,” Lauren said.  “Everyone at ZenFri is very friendly and talented; I had a lot of fun.” Coming from the Digital Media Design course, she worked mostly on illustration as we didn’t have too much video work for her to do, but it ended up working fabulously as she is very talented in Photoshop and character design.

Carlie, trained in 3D textures and models, spent her weeks perfecting complex characters, “The team at ZenFri is incredibly talented and have created a fun and comfortable work environment.  I fully enjoyed my experience working with them.”

We, here at ZenFri also very much enjoyed having both Lauren and Carlie on board with us. They each rose to every challenge we presented them with and were extremely fun and professional. In their short time here, they became valuable members of our development team and brought refreshing perspectives to every project they worked on.

We look forward to participating in the Speed Mentoring Session at Red River College on April 29th and meeting more students at the Open House on May 8th.