We’re pleased to announce that “Infinite Struggles” will be at this year’s Winnipeg Film Group Membership Screening. The Screening will take place on Sunday, June 12; doors open at 7:00 pm. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased on The Winnipeg Film Group’s website.

Works Featured:
David Evans – Devil on Commission
Corey King & Danielle King – Infinite Struggles
Hersh Seth – The Lost Dreams of Narcissus and Echo
Alison Davis – The Origin of Ocean Rabbit
Stephane Oystryk – Sonata for Christian
Michelle Ward – Roger
Darcy Fehr – The Strangers
Jennifer Bisch – You Can Wear it Again (or, a Wealth  of Bad Ideas)
D.A. Young – Homework
Ryan Simmons – Diankinetics
Damien Ferland – Laser Doigt
Cory Quinn – Suffering from the Human Condition