IndiePEG Fund


$2,000 in Cash (no strings attached)

$30,000 of in-kind Consulting Services

  • Face-to-face consulting two times a month for 6 months

  • Reviews and feedback on draft applications

  • Advice on how to make the project or team more likely to succeed

  • More detailed and specific tips/tricks to setting up a budget and financing your game.

  • Team must be composed of Canadians with citizenship or permanent residence status

  • Must operate in or around Winnipeg, but no experience required

  • Project Leadership / Company Ownership must be at least 50% female

  • Project must reside within a “new” company. Either:

    • Unincorporated

    • In existence for less than 1 year

    • Or, have 4 people or less and less than 50k in lifetime revenue

  • Ideas needs to be innovative, feasible and unique

  • Having a social issue pov, or a vision intent to improve the world in some way an asset

Document Description Page Max Weight
Team Description Describe the team and/or company members and if they have worked together previously

Gender Parity of all leads or company members – required

½ page 10%
Team CVs Provide curriculum vitaes (CVs) for all members 5%
Project Description Provide details of your idea  1 page 30%
Innovation Summary Describe the project’s content and form. Discuss its design and programming as well as user experience and interactivity. 1 page 40%
Positive Change Summary Describe how your project will impact or improve the world in a positive way  ½ page 15%
Marketing Summary Marketing and audience analysis, positioning and competitive advantages 1 page 10%
A minimum score of 75% must be met for award.


Help Create 5 New Studios in 5 Years 

2020 Submission Deadline Passed