Wednesday night some members of our Clandestine: Anomaly team got a chance to unveil the project to local developers in Winnipeg at IDGA, to an enthusiastic crowd.

The night started with the unveiling itself presented by game creator Corey King, where he discussed the core features of the game, the vision, and how far the project has come to date.

Project Technical Director, Dwayne Rudy, continued the talk with his post-mortem of Pre-Production,  and discussed the technical challenges involved in creating a state-of-the-art game like Clandestine.

Following Dwayne was Ray Lavoie, the project’s Market Research Analyst and Ph.D student at Asper School of Business. Ray discussed his research methods, findings, and some of the new markets Clandestine may address.

Corey closed out the night with a candid discussion on publishers, Kickstarter and the project’s Auggie award nomination.

The audience had many questions about the project and our findings, stretching slated 1 hour event to over 2 hours. It has an amazing night.

Thanks to everyone who came out!