Full on Indie

Full On Indie

Project: Full On Indie
Project Lead: Corey King

Interviews — Podcast
2012 to 2013



Full On Indie was a small podcast co-produced by ZenFri Inc. and VG Podcasts (now called REZD.tv) about independent game developers, with special focus on the Winnipeg community. It was a biweekly podcast and ran for 17 episodes.


Hosted by Corey King and Lloyd Hannesson, through the podcast’s duration they talked to Sean Lindskog, Jei Kohlenberg, Tom Kaminski, Tom Rab, Noah Decter-Jackson, Dwayne Rudy, Ryan FitzGerald, Devin Reimer, Mina Tawadrous, Rob Bryanton, Brett Gale, Adam Adelman, and Graeme Barlow.


The Full On Indie theme song was created by Todd Byranton.

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