Updated: September 10th 2013

Last month, we officially  cancelled work on Warpaint Issue 2, and mentioned that in an effort to refocus the company more fully on Clandestine: Anomaly other projects were likely to be impacted.

Well, on this week’s episode of Full On Indie (which you can listen to here) we announced  that the our podcast exploring indie game development is going on hiatus for an indeterminate period of time.

As ZenFri and Clandestine have grown, our core creative and business team has become spread thinly across a growing number of projects. With Clandestine we believe that proper execution is paramount to the future success of the company, and therefore need all our key talents focused fully on this project. With Corey taking on growing creative and management duties on the game, it’s become difficult to run the show regularly, plan episodes and acquire guests.

As with all our endeavours, we like to do everything with our full hearts and to the highest possible quality. As such, we’ve decided it necessary to take a breather from the podcast.

Thanks to all our fans for listening in. If you missed any episodes or just want to take a walk down memory lane, here a link to all the past shows. We hope to bring you more great episodes in the future.