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In this Episode – The Story of the Game

In this episode of Full On Indie we have the ex-military, ex-winnipeger, writer of many mediums Ryan FitzGerald.

Ryan has written for linear and non-linear media in film, TV and new media.  He is an alumnus of the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab’s Interactive Art & Entertainment Program, the National Screen Institute’s Features First Program.  He has taught transmedia nationally, including Melting Silos for the National Film Board, at the Banff New Media Institute for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and the Transmedia Production Lab for Film Training Manitoba & New Media Manitoba.

With all his skill and sage advice Ryan will discuss story and narrative in games/interactive media.

Please forgive the audio issues in this episode, the Skype gods were not kind to us, and Ryan’s audio has some issues starting about halfway through the show. We hope you enjoy our conversation on story in games.

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