Friends and Other Magic

Friends and Other Magic

Project: Friends and Other Magic
Project Lead: Corey King (Designer, PM), Dee King (Writer)
Contracting Company: Buffalo Gal Pictures
Interactive Narrative Game — Digital

You get a desperate text from Bridget. Your friend Jessie has suffered a terrible tragedy and has become consumed by grief. It’s up to you to work with Bridget to help Jessie get over emotional pitfalls and daily obstacles throughout her crisis!

Reveal mysteries and solve puzzles in this text-based adventure game for teens! Through a messenger-style alternate-reality game, your choices direct the story! You’re Watson to Bridget’s Sherlock on an adventure to help Jessie overcome grief. Using friendship and dashes of other magic, can you help save Jessie?

The events in the game parallel those in the film, “Considering Love and Other Magic” – however, the game can be enjoyed independently.



  • Text Messenger style choice-driven alternate reality game play puts users into the film’s universe
  • Interact with and help the characters seen in the film, becoming a character who feels “just off screen” of the action in the movie